Sproket's Troggoth Masterclass - January 25th and 26th 2020

Sproket's Troggoth Masterclass - January 25th and 26th 2020


Lead Belt Studio welcomes David Soper back to Nottingham, to run his fantastic Troggoth Masterclass again. Learn from the legendary Golden Demon winner while painting a Games Workshop Rockgut Troggoth miniature.

This ticket Includes:

  • Entry to the painting masterclass on both days

  • A free Troggoth model to work on over the weekend, shipped to you, to be built ahead of time

  • Access to David’s Saturday evening presentation - Top Ten Tips, Tricks and Techniques.

Saturday and Sunday will feature a strong practical element, with the opportunity for plenty of painting experience. This will be interspersed with explanations of the underlying theory and demonstrations of the techniques required for all key stages of the painting process. David will provide one-to-one advice and support to all participants throughout.

The course includes instruction on:

  • An overview of contrast and colour theory and their application to painting miniatures

  • Creating lifelike paint schemes

  • Painting volumes and forms

  • Creating and enhancing painted texture - stippling, dry brushing and painted freehand textures

  • Adding real surface textures to a painted model

  • Adding finishing touches and special effects to a painted miniature.

You’ll need to bring some paints and equipment - David has produced a list of suggestions that you can download and reference.

  • Maxium participants: 14 people

  • Age: 16+

  • Suggested painting level: Suitable for any regular painter looking to improve

Recommended equipment:

  • Your built and primered (if you like to prime your miniatures) Troggoth

  • A suitable painting lamp

  • A portable hairdryer

  • Palette/wet palette (whichever you prefer to use)

  • Paint brushes - David recommends using good quality sable brushes. The brush size you use depends upon your personal preference but for the size of mini you will be working on sizes 0,1 & 2 would be appropriate.


David has used the following paints on his Troggoth. Participants are welcome to choose equivalent colours from other paint ranges if they prefer. Alternatively they may wish to develop their own colour scheme.

  • Games Workshop: Bugman’s Glow (Base), Rakarth Flesh (Base), Mechanicus Standard Grey (Base), Deepkin Flesh (layer)

  • Scalecolour: Black Leather, Field Grey, Bering Blue, Decay Black, Purity White

  • P3: Skorne Red

Please feel free to bring along any other colours as you wish.

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